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The Dippy Bird (also called the Drinking Bird or the Dunking Bird) is a popular Methylene chloride helps makes a Dippy Bird work because it evaporates very.

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A student reading from ChemMatters on drinking birds. It looks like a bird and will bob up and down as it appears to drink out of a glass of water. As long If you could cool the head another way, the drinking bird would work just the same.

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Drinking birds, also known as insatiable birdies, dunking birds, drinky birds or dipping birds, However, the bird will continue to dip even without a source of water, as long as the head is The ultimate source of energy is the temperature gradient between the toy's head and base; the toy is not a perpetual motion machine.

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The tail: this has no significant external features, except that it should not be insulated (skin-oil deposited on the bird's glass parts from handling will insulate it .

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The commercial birds are filled with methylene chloride, but it could be any liquid that turns to . Personally, I think it's the top hat that did it.

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The drinking bird is an iconic desk toy, right up there with Newton's Cradle, but can you explain how it works? It stumped Albert Einstein, who could not immediately figure it out. It will drink twice as fast if it's drinking whisky.