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What do the numbers and letters on tires mean? Understanding tire service description, load rating, and speed rating. If you look at the sidewall of a tire, you' ll.

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Use the tire load index chart to see how much weight your tire can support & learn how to calculate your car's max load carrying capacity, from Tires Plus!.

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Tire speed rating is the top speed a tire can safely keep over time. View our tire a tire is certified. It does not indicate the total performance capability of a tire.

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Means the tyre is compliant with all applicable safety standards established by the U.S. LT/75R16 Q - The load index () is the tyre size's assigned.

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Do you know what load index means for your tires and safety? Learn more from our load index chart and buy tires online at echographapp.com

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Tire numbers on a sidewall can help you determine the kind of tire that suits your vehicle best. Find out what all those numbers mean.

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All tires are constructed of rubber and cord layers referred to as “plies. Some passenger tires indicate higher max air pressures than the Max Load Carrying.

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Tire sidewall markings show most of the information that their owners usually need to know. In this post, we will explain what (most of) the markings mean.