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Your HDTV, HD cable box, Blu-ray player, and even most DVD players and receivers will "upconvert," or scale, a standard-definition image to.

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Now that we have a Panasonic 50" plasma, and DirecTV HD srevice, I've been thinking about replacing our 5 year old DVD player/ What does.

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HDTVs offer high resolution output, and playing standard definition DVDs on an HDTV generally looks bad. Having a DVD or Blu-Ray player that upconverts or.

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From a mathematical point of view, SD to HD upconversion is an ill-defined inverse problem of the and is implemented in a medium siz e Altera FPGA chip.

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With the advent of HDTV (and, more recently, 4K Ultra HD TV), the Visually, there is very little difference to the eye of the average consumer.

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As most video hobbyists know, i IS p - Only designed differently In order to make p one needs to upconvert and deinterlace the video, . I need to reencode for the p, might aswell get a good size median.