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The Hospital as a Factory and the Physician as an Assembly Line Worker Patients are rushed through hospitals (and doctors' offices as well) and are often .

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Assembly line worker creates lifesaving medical equipment. August 29, .. I plan to make a difference by becoming a doctor. I want to specialize on.

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Physicians are known to be masters of self-sacrifice, and self-control. means of production, and are in turn controlled by members of another class. sets of workers in a system, often with broken lines of communication.

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Students who searched for Assembly Line Worker: Job Description, Duties and machines and hand tools; attention to detail; patience to do repetitive tasks.

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They do not accept doctors notes and use a "no-fault" policy so if you get sick you Production Line Worker (Former Employee) – Denver, CO – March 1,

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87 Assembly Line Worker jobs available in New York, NY on echographapp.com We are looking for workers who have experience working in a manufacturing.

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Eventually, Dr. Alexander would discard the more exotic theories that .. but they treat us like assembly line workers,” said Dr. Brittany Ellison.

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Doctors, it is argued, are made by quality assuring the component parts of their another shortcoming of Fordism was to demo- tivate production line workers.