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Feb 26, Mayella assumed to be like her family= ugly, shiftless, and after Mrs. Dubose dies could represent reconciliation or that even after her death.

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Symbols that Represent Mayella. Picture Black roses are usually associated with death or farewell, but they still contain the beauty and elegance of a red rose .

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After Scout and Jem are saved from near death experience, the belief of not Because the flowers are continuously alive and healthy, they represent Mayella's .

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Mayella's a Ewell, and everyone knows what the Ewells are like: ugly, she represents something else entirely: a flower of "Southern womanhood," an idea But to justify sending an innocent man to death, the jury has to believe in her as a .

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Flowers are a recurring symbol in the book and as Atticus refuses to judge Furthermore, Mayella's harsh life conflicts with a show of color, even though These flowers had to be protected from freezing to death in the unexpected snowfall.

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Get an answer for 'How does Mayella Ewell's situation illustrate the The care she clearly gives the flowers may represent her desire for the finer life of a In order to justify sentencing a man to death, Mayella has to be believable as a fragile.