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First of all, maj7 chords always evoke a serene, wistful, somewhat heavenly air to them. They make me fairly introspective when I dwell upon them and the colors.

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Learn how to play exactly like Billie Holiday. A4/7 D7M B7 Em7 C#7 F#m7 Bm7 G7M You're mean to me. Helen Morgan - Mean To Me Nat King Cole - Mean To Me Julie London - Mean To Me Eileen Rodgers - Mean To Me Ann Hampton Callaway - Mean To Me Helen Humes - Mean To Me.

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Hey guys, heard this song on Spotify and I couldn't find the chords on here, so thought I would put up my version! / Capo 5 (I play it on 3 just because I sing it.

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[Verse 1] / C Am G C Well, I tried to repress it, then I carried its crown. Am G Am I reached out to undress it and love let me down. C F G Love let me down.

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I mentioned in another thread I see chords as colours in my minds eye, . most of which seem to be played in G. This means I have a yellow night . I see wildflowers in paddocks, dont ask me why but different tunes make me.

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To me, a certain chord sounds green, and some sounds are more dark green. 30 tracks of different percussion on it, meaning different drums, different shakers .

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Learn to play 'What You Mean To Me' easy by Finding Neverland with guitar chords, lyrics and chord diagrams. Updated: November 13th,