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I believe they looked pretty similar to modern day inhabitants of the same areas of Asia Minor because modern Turks get most of their DNA from.

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However, did they always looked like that? So what did the ancient Anatolian Hittites looked like? Back in ancient times there was a distinction.

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Hittites would of looked some what like Modern day Turkish and Kurds. . to the true Hittites, and being dominated by them had been thus influenced in their civil .

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The Hittites were an Anatolian people who played an important role in establishing an empire . French scholar Charles Texier found the first Hittite ruins in but did not identify .. During the Old Hittite Kingdom period prior to BC, the king of the Hittites was not viewed by the Hittite citizenry as a "living god", like the.

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Let's take a look into how the Hittites lived their day-to-day life. The Hittites ate everything from legumes, like lentils and chickpeas, to fruit, like pomegranates and The Hittites had a mostly patriarchal society that was ruled and run by men .

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We'll look at the material they worked with, how they used art and architecture to As the city expanded over time, so did the fortifications. The Hittites created art objects of metal and made pottery items like rhytons, a type of drinking vessel.