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Although you don't want to panic, you do want to take action if you see white spots on baby teeth. Here are two reasons these blemishes may develop.

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You may have noticed white spots on your toddler's teeth and wondered if you should be concerned. There could be a couple of causes for the spots. If you see .

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So how do you keep baby's teeth healthy and white spot free? In general, white spots on baby teeth have one of two causes: 1) too much of a.

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CariFree is a scientifically proven dental decay prevention system that's been proven safe for everyday use. Read The Most Common Causes.

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Sometimes they are, but sometimes toddlers have these random white spots on their teeth. While you may worry about them from an aesthetic.

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Dental fluorosis is a common cause of white spots on the teeth. when they are young if they consumed too much fluoride as a child.

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SPOTS ON TEETH. WHAT DOES TOOTH. DECAY LOOK LIKE? • White spots on teeth are the first sign of tooth decay. They look chalky and white and are.