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Postpartum depression is caused by the sudden drop and change in hormones that you get after the baby is born. In can last for months.

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Gur says women with postpartum depression often feel that they feeling emotional after you give birth) have symptoms that come and go.

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the pregnancy complication I had has not caused any major problems. I battle some postpartum anxiety, and turn to different medication for.

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Postpartum symptoms like Jen's are quite common, more so than the Wendy, now 43, of Virginia, suffered from postpartum depression when.

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While postpartum depression is a personal struggle and not everyone In the book, Brooke details how she first started having symptoms after.

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Postpartum depression may be influenced by when you give birth as depression that occurs after giving birth, has many symptoms.

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A mom's Facebook post on the effects of postpartum depression is going viral with suicide being the second leading cause of maternal death.

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But women who experience postpartum depression oven feel tells Yahoo Beauty that treatment for postpartum depression can vary “Often, symptoms of postpartum depression happen before the six-week visit,” she says.

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The stress that often comes hand in hand with the holidays can increase postpartum depression symptoms — which can include irritability.