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The culprit is hidden inside the water that fills the toilet bowl: high levels of copper .Blue and blue-green stains in your toilet bowl are caused by copper.

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The cause for the discoloration is hiding inside your water supply. To get rid of blue stains in your toilet bowl, use a mixture of 1 cup water and 1 cup ammonia.

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If you've recently found yourself troubled by blue mineral toilet bowl stains, you're no doubt wondering how to get rid of them. You'll be pleased to learn that.

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This guide is about cleaning blue stains in a toilet. Determining what is causing blue cleaner stains to develop in your toilet bowl can be a mystery.

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Believe it or not, mineral and rust stains in your toilet or tub -- greenish stripes, a brown ring, lime scale -- aren't caused by anything you're doing wrong in your.

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Many homes have hard water, which can cause damage to your toilet or sink and leave stubborn stains that are very difficult to remove. Toilets are made of.

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Brenda asked, “I have been using a blue, clingy toilet bowl cleaner. This cleaner Begin by removing the toilet cleaning product that is causing the stains.

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Has anyone had any luck removing blue stains (caused by minerals in the water from a drilled well?) from a toilet bowl? I have tried bleach and.

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The stains in your toilet, sink, and tub are caused by what is in your water. and blue-green stains: Rust-colored and blue-green stains can be caused by low.

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We have 2 toilets, his & hers, almost back to back on opposite sides of a wall. One gets blue stain in the bowl, the other doesn't. The one w/.