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You can read the word 'gnocchi' and get away with sounding it out however you please, but how should you say it when you order it at a restaurant? Just point to .

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how to pronounce the word taco. As a Texan it's not a word we tend to over-think. But my ex could never quite grasp it and continues to call this.

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Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce viennoiserie in French, English with native pronunciation. viennoiserie translation and audio pronunciation.

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You're probably pronouncing the names of these foods all wrong. July 13 Viennoiserie pastries, cocktail caipirinha and yoghurt-based dip tzatziki. Chorizo Gnocchi Tapenade Endive Pain au chocolat

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Others struggle to say 'viennoiserie, 'bouillabaisse', 'bourguignon' and 'coq au Gnocchi. Tapenade. Endive. Pain au chocolat.

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The top 40 foods people struggle to pronounce – how many do you know? Viennoiserie (vien-noise-er-ee). 2. Gnocchi (ne-o-key).

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How to pronounce the 40 most mispronounced food names: Viennoiserie – Vyen -wah-seh-ree; Caipirinha – keye-preen-yah; Tzatziki Daiquiri – die-kih-ree; Chorizo – chor-eeth-oh; Gnocchi – nyocki; Tapenade – tap-en-ahd.