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Ventamatic Whole House Fan - 24in, Belt-Drive, Model# CX24BD2SPD - -

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Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD Belt Drive 2-Speed Whole House Fan with Shutter, Exhaust Fan, Ventamatic, Ltd. has provided the ventilation industry with an air for.

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Cool Attic is Ventamatic, Ltd.'s line of Roof and Attic ventilation solutions. Keeping a home's attic Belt Drive Whole House Fans with Shutter ยท No.

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The Cool Attic belt drive 2-speed whole house fan offers an efficient way to reduce cooling costs by pulling fresh air in from the outside, expelling the warm air up.

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Belt drive whole house fan with white powder-coat finish shutter. 2-speed, thermally protected 1/3 HP (horsepower) PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor).

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This Ventamatic Whole House Belt-Drive Fan offers an efficient way to trim cooling costs while keeping your entire home more comfortable. A 1/2 HP motor pulls.