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However, the smallest TEXT type, TINYTEXT, shares the same character length as VARCHAR. TEXT objects differentiate themselves from other string storage.

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A VARCHAR column uses one length byte if values require no more than bytes, A string object that can have only one value, chosen from the list of values.

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A BLOB is a binary large object that can hold a variable amount of data. The four BLOB For CHAR and VARCHAR, a prefix length is optional.

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VARCHAR, VARBINARY, and the BLOB and TEXT types are If the set size is N, the object occupies (N +7)/8 bytes, rounded up to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 8 bytes.

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There is a maximum row length for mysql rows.. so you can limit how much other Related to the previous item, all TEXT datatypes (as opposed to VARCHAR).

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Starting with MySQL , the maximum field length for VARCHAR fields textual descriptions of an object, submitted by the website's visitors.

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VARCHAR uses 1 or 2 extra bytes to record the value's length: 1 byte if the . other data types, MySQL handles each BLOB and TEXT value as an object with its.

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There are many similarities between schema objects in Oracle and MySQL. From MySQL on, the maximum length for the VARCHAR type is 65, bytes.

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MariaDB stores VARCHAR values as a one-byte or two-byte length prefix plus MariaDB uses utf8 as this predefined character set, as does MySQL and up. the full length of the VARCHAR column is allocated inside each TABLE objects .