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I was told undue hesiation equals a major although I got a undue hesitation on my . don't just work through the gears as normal, use each gear to accelerate as .

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You may have taken a driving test and received a minor, or possibly a serious or dangerous fault for undue hesitation. The driving examiner may mark your test report under the section ‘Progress’ with the fault of ‘undue hesitation’. A question often asked by learner drivers.

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What causes a vehicle to hesitate on acceleration after stopping at a stop sign? dirty or corroded or worn out spark plugs, bad spark plug cables or improper.

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If you have to speed up, slow down, change direction, turn, indicate or stop, or if you are approaching Maintaining Progress and Avoiding Undue Hesitation.

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Do you ever slow down for a speed camera then accelerate again after passing mirrors at the correct times, undue hesitation at roundabouts and junctions.

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"Hesitation," noun, from nominative Latin "haesitatio," meaning "irresolution, carbon buildup on spark plugs, bad gasoline and improper fuel burn in the.

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The gaps you need are a little smaller due to your size and acceleration. All you Undue hesitation could be seen as a fault. . I got a mark for hesitation on my car test for waiting for a car to pass when I could of gone.

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At the end of the test i was told that i failed for the undue hesitation The other time I failed because someone came SPEEDING up my arse.

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speed (speed limit, slowing down / speeding up); Following distance (your 2- second safety gap); Progress (appropriate speed, not hesitating).