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Sep 1, The video "11 Month Old Twins Dance to Daddy's Guitar" may be the cutest video we've seen this's short and sweet. Twin girls are eating.

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May 25, month-old identical twins Chloe and Alexis love it when their dad plays the guitar for them. As if they both knew what the other was thinking.

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11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar, its really lovely to watch Dad - I've gone from not wanting kids, to wanting twins and learning to play.

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Adorable Twin Baby Girls Rock Out While Daddy Plays Guitar (VIDEO) Cute Babies Who Really Love Music: 11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar.

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sweet clip. For these girls, dancing is serious business! VIDEO: Twin Baby Girls' Moves After Daddy Starts To Play The Guitar Made Us Smile. baby twins.

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His two baby girls, Chloe and Alexis, love hearing dad play his guitar. Prepare to smile at these twin babies dancing! So when John's wife Ashley had strapped.

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Aug 30, A new clip of identical twins dancing to their dad's guitar has were filmed by their mother while their father played them a tune on his guitar.

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Aug 28, Twin Baby Girls Adorably Dancing to Their Daddy's Guitar Song girls start dancing around in their high chairs as their daddy plays his guitar.

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Aug 28, Identical twins sitting in their high-chairs get their favorite treat from their dad - a blast of him playing his guitar for them to dance along to.