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You may have seen this hilariously strange new ad for Tums The Hot Dog commercial cited above is but one of a series of “Food Fight”.

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1st time I saw this commercial - people coming to lemonade stand and The Tums commercial where the giant hot dog is howling at the moon.

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There's an ongoing thread in this section about 'TV Commercials That The Tums commercial where the giant hot dog is howling at the moon.

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The ads for Ace Hardware where the fat asses whine about having to actually around .. The guy in the grey suit is chunky-hot, nice strong thighs. That car commercial where the little girl is sitting in the car with the family dog and says .. The stupid Tums commercial with the slice of pizza slapping the guy in the face.

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I despise the hot dogs howling at the moon - a new Tums ad. I am also switching car insurance from Liberty Mutual. Why should I pay for all.

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the commercial inter-American trade, a study of regional canine war- may have known that corn, tobacco, and dogs were among the ritual One night, hearing a horrible drumming on the tum-tums, I followed the a tremendous howling was heard in the woods and then 2 large Dogs were let loose.

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My ideal job would be to work with a rescue or therapy dog. This is the most wonderful thing ever: A mother coyote teaching her pups to howl. Easy to make Doggy Ice Cream for a hot summer treat for your dog. .. "Commercial jams are the sickly sweet sisters of homemade jam, but a grasp of the science will help you.