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A quick and easy tomato garnish! Great for cocktail party decorations!. Gather your supplies. Cut tomato in half. Make small incisions across the tomato, barely .

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Garnish with Cherry Tomato Flowers,Easy food garnish,tomato flower garnish, Food Corner food blog with easy garnishing ideas.

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Comment Faire une Fleur de Lotus en Kiwi / How to Make a Lotus Flower with a Kiwi. Possibly for the fruit topping on birthday cakes. -Mel "Kiwi Fruit Flower.

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Learn to make lovely garnishes, including the Tomato Rose garnish, Carrot Flower garnish and the Radish Florette garnish. Simple tips and.

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How to make tomato garnish food decoration - Learn how to create stunning sushi dishes with the Pickled Ginger and Wasabi Garnish Flower Art for Sushi.

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With a few cuts of the knife you have a vegetable flower to use for lunches, or put one on a pasta dish, or salad plate, See more of my easy gourmet Garnishes.

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Cherry Tomato Flower Article - Cherry Tomato Flower Garnish Place tomato stem side up on cutting board.