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The Long Game” (season 1, episode 7; originally aired 5/7/).

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Boom Town” (season 1, episode 11; originally aired 6/4/) are made when those making the show don't quite know what the hell they are doing. with the rousing speech that I quoted at the top of that episode's review.

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N Father's Day» For once, we review Doctor Who in TWO dimensions. The Long Game is the first example of modern-Who's reach exceeding its grasp. Who the hell is he to reject Adam seeking further knowledge!?.

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Here's our review of Doctor Who series 9's finale, Hell Bent. and the most un- Doctor-y we've arguably seen him for a long time. Or does it all depend on how many seasons of Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams survives?.

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Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, season 9, episode Hell Bent Photo: BBC the whole four billion-year charade was just a really long tactic to extract Clara from certain death. We returned to Gallifrey to find Maester Luwin from Game of Thrones (Donald . All the latest film trailers, reviews and features.

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Doctor Who Review: “Hell Bent” Doctor Who Review: &#;Hell It's at this point that Moffat makes clear that The Doctor's long awaited return brings to mind Game of Thrones), Doctor Who finds ways to inspire.