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Sushi Pack - Donut Whodunnit. Late at night, as Ben locks up for the night, a mysterious silhouette that can only belong to Titanium Chef.

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Animation Connections · Soundtracks · Sushi Pack (–) All Episodes (26 ) · Next · Donut Whodunit/Sushi at the Center of the Earth Poster · Add a Plot».

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In depth information about Donut Whodunnit, produced by DiC Entertainment, American Greetings. Sushi Pack Episode Guides, Cartoon Characters and Crew .

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The painting from the musuem are stolen! Except Tako's paintings, can they get them back?.

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9 · Sushi Pack vs. The Fried Food Fighting Force, 11/08/ 11/29/ 17 · Donut Whodunit, 01/31/ 18 · Sushis at the Center of the Earth, 01/31/