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Definition of superadded - added to what has already been added. Added to what has already been added. 'the presence of superadded infection by bacteria' .

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Definition of superadd - add (something) to what has already been added. 'if the overlying skin is perforated and septic infection is superadded, the bone.

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A superinfection is a second infection superimposed on an earlier one, especially by a different In virology, the definition is slightly different. Superinfection is.

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Repeated respiratory symptoms do not mean a respiratory infection. to cover " so-called superadded bacterial infections" will lead to "recurrent antibiotics" and.

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Looking for online definition of Super-infection in the Medical Dictionary? Super- infection explanation free. What is Super-infection? Meaning of Super-infection.

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Does anyone know what they mean by superadded infection or increased bilateral makings on the lungs. I am worried. 0 likes, 6 replies. Report.