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Step-by-step photo tutorial for working the crochet star stitch. To make the pattern, you also work rows of half double crochet stitch between the rows of . Crochet two hdc stitches into the eye of the star in the row below.

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There are always rows between the star stitch rows in a pattern; those are usually hdc or dc stitches, but in this case, the designer has used the.

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This Star Stitch Crochet Headband pattern is a great way to learn the star Gauge– 6 rows of SS and HDC is inches with acrylic/ inches.

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In fact, you have two options: a front post double crochet (fpdc) or a back post Treble stitches are also common; you'll often see patterns calling for a front post.

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My name is Helena, but you can call me Rhelena. I love to crochet and design new crochet patterns to keep myself busy. You can find my free crochet patterns at.

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That's because crochet patterns are written using many abbreviations and terms, slip stitch. Sc. single crochet. Hdc. half double crochet. Dc. double crochet.

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The front post double crochet stitch, or "fpdc" as it is abbreviated in patterns, is a Crochet Star Stitch Tutorial Crochet Star Stitch, Crochet Stars, Crochet Stitch.

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Learn to crochet with our brilliant selection of fun and easy step-by-step tutorials Double crochet decrease | Back post double | Chain stitch | Star stitch | Waffle stitch | V stitch The slip stitch is used to join crochet together, to fasten off yarn, and to move within a pattern - it's a basic Front post double crochet stitch (fpdc).

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Discover a simple technique for how to crochet a star that you can use in For this tutorial, I've put together a pattern for the simplest five-point star you can imagine. After the last chain, join to the first hdc with a slip stitch.