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I took my new SP out to the range yesterday for the first time and are laid out on the front and rear sights, the sight image should be "Image #3" I also bought a Sig a few weeks ago and constantly shoot low, I am.

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I'm pretty sure its me and not the gun but was curious on the proper sight alignment for the sp The front sight is a #6 and the rear sights.

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SigPro sight picture California handguns. it has been my experience with the SP i've shot 3 different ones that they have been.

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When I first moved from that G23 to a SIG SP (which I love), one of the major My SIG SP was set up to shoot using sight picture #3.

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My first pistol was a 2nd Gen Glock 23 that I shot exceptionally well. When I first My SIG SP was set up to shoot using sight picture #3.

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Have located my photo of the 3 different sight pictures depicted above. My latest sp, new out of the box,the night sights are visually off.

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I have an SP that I'd like to start shooting in competition with I understand the whole combat sight picture with the SIG's, but I feel like it's.

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Get some snap caps and practice dry firing your SP and a LOT. i say snap caps too, that way you'll see what your sight picture is doinmg.

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I can understand that; people want as little disruption to the sight picture as possible. That is optimum in a match gun. The SP was meant.