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Let's say I am A Time Travelling Ignobles.. Doctor When states that I may return 1 of my minions in play.. Is this any minion I own (including the.

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You may return another of your minions in play to your hand. You may play it again as an extra minion. | Abilities: Return. Disintegrator - Aliens - Smash Up Card.

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Lorraine jumped on it right away--between Sprouts destroying themselves and Invaders invading, Lorraine was up before a base had even.

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by Emanation 0, Crazy Idea Time: Slash Up 0, Smash Up as a chess-like board game? by Dscore20 by Doctor Nightmare Wed May 17, am. 1.

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Smash Up is a new style of "Shufflebuilding" game. Players take two card faction decks, shuffle them together, and start competing to smash bases! However.

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we review Doctor Who The Card Game and The Laundry RPG from Cubicle 7 Studios, Cthulhu Fluxx from Looney Labs, and Smash Up from.

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Custom Faction: COWBOYS | Smash Up | BoardGameGeek.