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SSTNLTD x TOKEN/DISC/POKER CHIPS/DRINK TOKENS / 4 COLOURS A few bits of silver peek through from underneath due to the bulk moulding production but it doesn't . Sigel WM Tokens Drinks, Ø cm, pieces, red.

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This is a buy it now for tokens - ideal for drinks tokens, counters, poker chips, rewards etc - these are approx 25mm in diameter. They come in 4 colours.

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Drink tokens are a secure way to improve cash management and counting.

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Union Forever with caped rider on horseback signed F. Sigel and Hero .. beer mug. Miller was the die sinker for this token which had been listed Wholesale Jewelry Philadelphia Pennsylvania with Independence Hall reverse struck.

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Visit the online store to order customized plastic drink tokens. It's fast, easy and affordable!.

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Find the cheap 1 Inch Tokens, Find the best 1 Inch Tokens deals, Sourcing the Sigel Tokens Beer WM The main features at a glance: Tokens Beer, red.