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German shepherds are generally 22 to 26 inches tall; however, they can be bred with almost any kind of hound. Some of the most common hounds include beagles, Basenji, Hamilton hounds, Basset hounds and Coonhounds. These breeds also tend to be within the 22 to 26 inches height marks.

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Jack the Shepherd/Hound Mix's Web Page. German Shepherd Dog / Hound ( short coat):: Male (neutered):: Adult:: Large.

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Shepherd/Hound Mix (Size: Large) Boy – 13 Weeks Adoption Fee: $ I am Neutered! Come visit me at the next adoption event!.

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21 Of The Most Popular German Shepherd Dog Mixes from Shottie to Shepweiler, Rottie Shepherd and more, this is a big dog, weighing upwards of 50lbs, with a big heart. Beagles belong to the hound group of dogs.

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There are many dogs which are a mix between a German Shepherd and . as they do bringing their big body on the couch to cuddle with you.

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Basset Hound and German Shepherd Mix. Basset Hound German Shepherd Basset Hound Mix Puppies. German Size (How big do they get), Medium.

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Shep is a shepherd/hound mix who is around 7 months old. When Shep is full grown he will be a medium sized dog. (he currently weighs around 45lbs.

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We call this mix a moose dog, because they resemble a small moose. He is around 75 lbs. He has a big shepherd head with a vague houndy length to his face.