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Yes, this is a Google Mail restriction. The "From" email address must match or is automatically set that way by Google SMTP. My solution was to.

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Contribute to PHPMailer/PHPMailer development by creating an account on GitHub. $mail = new PHPMailer; $mail->setFrom('', 'Your.

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[x ] Check that your problem is not dealt with in the troubleshooting guide, especially if you're having problems connecting to Gmail or GoDaddy. The expected working of function setFrom is set a header indicate the from field. The rewriting of the From address is done by Gmail for.

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PHPMailer::setFrom() – Set the From and FromName properties. You appear to be a bot. Output may be restricted.

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PHP mailer setfrom not working in cpanel hosting. Hi there. I hope someone can help me, i have been wasting hours trying to get this working.

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PHP phpmailer\phpmailer PHPMailer::setFrom - 8 examples found. These are the top rated real world PHP examples of.