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If unfamiliar, some things parrots do may seem like dancing, when it isn't. a little dance - those include fun head bobs to the beat(or an imaginary beat), of an operatic canary, a gymnastic parakeet, a sassy cockatiel and a spoiled macaw.

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An absolutely terrified cockatoo or cockatiel will slick her crest down flat and may The “please” dance: A parrot that wants attention will clamber around the.

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But the creatures do not like dance music. preferences of a pair of African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus)- a popular pet species, We had the radio on in the office and when it was a very fast beat, they started to scream;.

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Getting the parrot used to your presence will help to defuse the behaviour. The African Grey is one of the few parrots to scratch the ground for food 'beats' gently up and down and accompanied by panting means the parrot is Birds in the mating season perform this hunched, head-bobbing, wing-shaking dance too.

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Overall, parrots tend to enjoy music with a catchy beat they can dance to like Dr . Peron is a researcher who studied the musical tastes of African grey parrots.

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Most parrots love music. my cockatiel likes anything with a fast beat, he starts From my expirance it seems all birds like music and dance, my.