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Circle the letter of each sentence that is true about niches. a. Different species can share the same niche in the same habitat. b. No two species can share the.

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A place in the food web; it is the full range of physical and biological conditions when a organism lives the way it uses the conditions. Facts about niches. 1.

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Section What Shapes an Ecosystem? (pages How do biotic and abiotic factors influence an ecosystem? . Use the illustrations to answer the question. 1 .

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Section Biotic and Abiotic Factors are the physical, or non-living, factors that shape ecosystems. symbiosis, can powerfully affect an ecosystem. Ecosystems are constantly changing in response to natural and human disturbances.

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Symbiosis. Any relationship in which two species live closely together (interact) is called symbiosis. Symbiotic relationships include: mutualism.

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What Shapes an Ecosystem. Section factors that shape ecosystems. the climate (temperature changing in response to natural and human disturbances.

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What Shapes an Ecosystem? What Shapes an Sometimes, an ecosystem changes in response to an abrupt disturbance. At other times, change .