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The word count at the bottom of any document (assuming you have but the Scrivener word count only gives a total for the entire document.

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Most of the time, it displays the title of the document you're currently working on, If you have set a word count goal in Project Targets, hovering over the Quick.

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A draft target is theword count goal for the entire project. Count Documents in Compile Only: If this option is selected only words added to the text files that are.

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And how can you begin making use of Scrivener Targets today? Let's take a look In this window, you can first set your target word count for this document. If you' d like, you If you're far from your word count, the bar will appear blue. Now let's talk about setting targets for your project as a whole. I make.

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Whether you want to see your progress toward a word count target for a “of” beneath the upper progress bar to enter a goal for the entire manuscript. On the Mac, Scrivener's default is to only count documents marked.

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@ScrivenerApp Is there a way to set the word count at the bottom of the Select the relevant documents in your binder & the word & character.