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Nelsan Ellis (Nov. 30, -- July 8, ): The actor, Lafayette Reynolds on " True Blood," died of heart failure due to alcohol-withdrawal complications at age .

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Penny Marshall, the co-star of ABC's acclaimed sitcom "Laverne & Shirley," died on Dec. The actress went on to become a producer and one of Hollywood's.

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Recent Hollywood deaths are never easy, especially when a particularly iconic actor or actress passes. When you see headlines regarding famous people that.

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Actor. Member of a cinema family. He often appeared in Spaguetti westerns. He also is fondly remembered for his role as Sangonereta in Tv series Cañas y Barro . Death, 19 Aug (aged 69). Madrid, Spain.

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When Joaquín Sorolla died after three years of hemiplegia, the newspaper El Pueblo by a religious institution which is incapable of acting disinterestedly. Tonet reconnects with his, and Neleta's, childhood friend Sangonereta, and the.

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Sangonereta: Blasco Ibáñez's Picaro in Cañas y barro. DOCUMENTOS .. He eventually dies in a public execution after at- tempting to an inner core of being to assume the role of a calculating actor who wears a mask to hide true.

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victory to his grandfather died in September with these words written on the lens of a camera: going per your, padrinet (goes by Prudence is the quality or virtue from acting fair, proper form and sparingly. Sangonereta is a variant.