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Sandstorm and Fireheart become increasingly close as warriors, and she is often of the strange cats in his dream-which are revealed later to be SkyClan cats.

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Jan 15, Are you fierce and brave like a Thunderclan? about warriors, but just wanted to take this quiz for fun, and I got Starclan Sandstorm ().

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This Quiz Is For Girl Warrior Cat Fans. This Quiz Will Determine Whether You Are More Like SpottedLeaf, Or SandStorm. Hope You Enjoy, And May StarClan.

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Browse through and take sandstorm quizzes. Warriors: The Apprentices Quest. Animals Books Ever wanted to see which Thunder Clan cat you are? Well.

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Star clan symbols Love Warriors, The Warriors Book, Tiger, Warrior Cats Clans,. Visit .. I disagree with Firestar, Graystripe, Berrynose, and Thistleclaw. ThunderClan Warrior Cats Quiz, Warrior Cat Names, Warrior Cats Clans, Warrior Cats.

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QUIZ from the story Warrior Cat Generator by Dancified (Amelia Stratton) with reads. Here, you can figure out your name, appearance, and clan with a bunch of different generators! Q.O.T.C: Ever wonder if Firestar is a bit too.. perfect?.

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Nov 28, Warriors is a series of novels written by a plethora of authors, which centres on the stories of four Clans of wild cats – ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindCl Was Sandstorm Firesatrs only mate? A. True. B. False. 9. Do You.

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Jan 10, This is a quiz that will test your Warriors knowledge. Feather. 2. Which cat attacks Firestar when he first comes to ThunderClan? A. Tigerclaw.