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It plays no role in photosynthesis, but it does have a function in the several chemicals Class II P redox systems are composed of cytochromes P-

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A cytochrome complex plays a key part in electron transport associated with the membranes of the thylakoids in the process of photosynthesis. It accepts.

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Photosynthetic cytochrome c reduction by isolated chloroplasts is mediated by substances with characteristics In order to clarify the role of p-coumaroyl-meso- .

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Adding a Proton Pump: Cytochrome b6f Complex. The goal of It plays a major role in generating a protein gradient during photosynthesis. An X-ray crystal.

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Cytochrome f function in photosynthetic electron transport. The questions of whether the stoichiometry of the turnover of cytochrome f, and the time-course of its reduction subsequent to a light flash, are consistent . Supplementary Materials.

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C-type cytochromes in the photosynthetic electron transfer pathways in green Within these complexes, highly reducing substances are produced Membrane- bound and soluble cytochromes c play essential roles in the.

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compounds which occur in photosynthetic bacteria. stated otherwise, the test substance was the readily available mammalian . functions, since in our tests one protein moiety with two active centers . lian cytochrome c as test substance.

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The enzyme cytochrome c oxidase or Complex IV, EC is a large transmembrane protein It plays a vital role in enabling the cytochrome a3- CuB binuclear center to accept four electrons in reducing molecular oxygen to water.

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Role of Domain Swapping in the Hetero-Oligomeric Cytochrome b6f Lipoprotein Interaction between photosynthetic electron transport and.