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Microsoft’s attempt at engaging millennials with artificial intelligence has backfired hours into its launch, with waggish Twitter users teaching its chatbot how to be racist. The company launched a verified Twitter account for “Tay” – billed as its “AI fam from the.

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16 hours ago 'Green Book' Just Won Best Picture at the Oscars and Twitter Is Dragging It to Hell Viggo Mortensen said the N-word to show how we've ended racism? CRASH watching GREEN BOOK take its place as the worst Oscar.

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But on Tuesday, that all came crashing down. “She would tweet stuff, then apologize and get off Twitter, and then it would get better. “Roseanne” had ended its successful comeback season last week and was expected to.

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How science and diplomacy brought the Korean War to an end for one . That controversial Serena Williams cartoon wasn't racist, Australia's media watchdog.

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Good news, guys: Racism ended with Rosa Parks. On Sunday, the official Republican National Committee Twitter account posted a picture of . from London, died early Saturday morning in a car crash, according to the Associated Press.

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It took less than 24 hours for Twitter to corrupt an innocent AI chatbot. Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled Tay — a Twitter bot that the company.