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After nearly four years and $2 million, the Powhatan Lakes are back. The new construction includes two new fishing piers, one on the upper lake and one on.

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I spent about 3 hours or so fishing, no bass but I did catch. So I was itching to launch the kayak this year and wanted to stay close so I went over to Powhatan Lakes/WMA, except I set both of us up with a weightless fluke.

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Has anybody been to the Powhatan lakes recently, how's the fishing There is also one of the best set of lilly pad fields in the area at the far.

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Consists of two 66 acre lakes. Recently reopened after dam repairs the lakes may need some time to develop to their full potential. Stocked with bluegill, sunfish.

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Sarah has collected the latest fishing reports from over 20 fishing guides, Two Foot (and one inch) Largemouth Caught in Powhatan Lake! I picked up this monster rockfish while moving to set up for some catfishing.

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Lake Brittle, Gardy's Millpond, Powhatan Ponds, Keokee Lake, Lake Shenandoah The number of lakes that offer great fishing in Virginia is substantial, from And if your sights are set on pumpkinseed, smallmouth bass, or muskellunge, this.

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Thread: Lake Powhatan bass fishing below the dam), and had a few hits, but missed the hookset, or the bass spit it out before setting.

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The main event, of course, is the fishing. Over 1, trout have been stocked Camp Powhatan's lake to ensure the youth have plenty.

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Water on the area includes, four "farm" ponds and the twin Powhatan Lakes along with Hunters will find a diverse set of game species on the Powhatan WMA. Submerged fish attractors have been constructed to improve fishing success.