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empty Pringles® chip can; marker; ruler; X-Acto knife or utility knife (ask a grown- up to help you cut); thumbtack or pushpin; masking tape; aluminum foil; scissors.

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Solar eclipse pinhole camera - arragement of materials - duct tape, Pringles can, scissors Take the plastic lid off the Pringles can. Make sure.

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How to Make a Pinhole Camera: Make your own camera out of materials around the house and take black and white photos with it.

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Macro photography doesn't have to be expensive at all. Camera; Lens – don't use an expensive or heavy lens, a cheap kit lens or an old prime lens will do.

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Learn how to make your very own pinhole camera to safely see a solar eclipse in action!.

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Quick DIY: How to Make a Pinhole Camera from a Pringles Can EVERYONE learning photography. Open .. One of my favourite speakers at university!!.

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Kid science: How to make pinhole camera from a Pringles can Do-it-yourself science projects: make a pinhole camera | Science Illustrated Diy.

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Discover best Homemade Pringles Can images and ideas on Bing. DIY Pringles Can Speaker; DIY Pringles Can Pringles Can Pinhole Camera With.

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People also use them to build pinhole cameras, macro lenses, and Maybe you can drive the output to some matching Pringle can speakers.