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Working parent helping homeschool child If you and your spouse both work full - or part-time outside the home, you may think homeschooling.

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First, they realize that all working parents need some sort of child care, her husband's flexible schedule, she has time to run her businesses.

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And, yes, some have full-time jobs or work weird hours. . Plus, getting together with other homeschool parents can help you stay motivated.

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Homeschooling Your Child and Working Full Time. .. I take my hat off to any parents who are homeschooling and working full time, I really do.

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The fact is that every single homeschool is different – working homeschool moms just have to be a bit more flexible. Homeschool can be done by whatever.

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Three of my kids have since graduated from our homeschool, and our youngest ( 15) is still homeschooling while working a day job. His homeschool schedule is.

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Can parents who work part time homeschool their kids? In my case, I was homeschooled from grades 7–9 and 11–12 by a working parent and a parent who.

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I write part-time job items toward the top, full-time job items in the middle and . I did promise this was a guide for parents who homeschool while working, huh?.