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Should be this one: UPDATE table1 SET string_content = 'SELECT my_string FROM table2 WHERE name = ''identifier''' WHERE id =

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SQL> SQL> SQL> update myClobTable set clob_data =(select to_lob(long_data) from 2 myLongTable where id =) 3 SQL> drop table myLongTable; Table.

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The latest release of the Oracle Database is here. Check out the new features here Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: February 14, - am UTC.

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Tom Kyte. Thanks for the question, Surrinder. Asked: March 15, - am UTC. Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: January 07, - am UTC.

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I am connected to oracle 10g using Toad and SqlDeveloper. I could not you can update a clob much like you would any other type update.

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When I run a simple sql statement on a column it returns (HUGECLOB) - can this be queryed in the normal sense.

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Hi, I the table VOYAGERS with the following data. ID is of type number and DETAILS is of type CLOB. ID DETAILS The ship has.

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Fun with CLOBS! If you are using Oracle, if you have to deal with text that is over bytes, you will probably find yourself dealing with CLOBs.