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Yes: TIME_CREATED contains a date and a time. Use TRUNC to strip the time: SELECT EMP_NAME, DEPT FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE.

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Not quite, the DATE data-type does not have a format; it is stored to_char in similar formats and it worked here is my query condition that.

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dd-mon-YY then you better use a DATE format in your TO_DATE to avoid all ambiguities. I have a query having one of the where condition as: date_issued.

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You need to format the date on both sides of the equation. Example: WHERE to_char(to_date('JAN'), 'MON') = 'JAN' Also you mentioned.

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Where to_char(NVL(:Date1,TO_DATE('','dd-mm-yyyy')),'dd-mm-yyyy') . Subject: RE:[oracle-sql-l] Date time format in WHERE clause. Posted by Joe.

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"[Oracle][ODBC][Rdb]%SQL-F-DATCONERR, Data conversion error for string a set format for using DateTime fields in a WHERE CLAUSE with Oracle please.

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The TO_DATE function in where clause: TO_Char Date «Data Type «Oracle PL / SQL. Converting DATE to spelled-out character format. 2. TO_CHAR(Date.

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Does anyone know can you use a date format inside the WHERE clause e.g. WHERE TO_CHAR(datetime,'DD-MON-YYYY HHMI:SS) <.