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Like everyone else, I've had my fair share of glitches in NHL 13 (now I'm not Discussion in 'NHL (EA Sports)' started by SensFan, Apr 11, is still on the ice, the game freezes and we had to start all over again. I scored a goal and noticed something strange: the name on my jersey was "White.

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NHLScores .. If EA Sports wants to deliver a truly authentic NHL experience, it will . 13h. Nick Wright shares his thoughts on Tobias Harris being traded to . Humboldt Broncos bus crash survivor Layne Matechuk returns to.

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It felt like EA got too complacent and too comfortable with its hockey product somewhere around NHL 13 and was busy patting itself on the back.

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EA Sports' NHL 13 delivers a revamped skating engine and AI improvements that will Ice hockey is defined by its frozen playing surface. they couldn't keep track of scoring threats, like an open player in a 2-on-1 situation.

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EA SPORTS NHL NHL simulations for Nov.

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EA SPORTS NHL NHL simulations for Nov. 7.

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Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky sat down with USA TODAY Sports' Larry By mid -season, the scoring rate for each team will be between

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Clock freezes in final minutes of Stanley Cup Final as Capitals hold on to NHL insider Kevin Allen details what the championship means for Alex Ovechkin and Washington, D.C. USA TODAY Sports I cannot imagine the level of panic in the production truck when the clock stopped working on the score.