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Matthew Henson was an African-American explorer best known as the co-discoverer of the North Pole with Robert Edwin Peary in Famed African-American explorer Matthew Henson was born in Charles County, Maryland, in American explorer Matthew Alexander Henson was born on.

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Matthew Alexander Henson (August 8, – March 9, ) was an American explorer who Wally Herbert published research that found that their expedition records were unreliable, indicated an implausibly high speed during their final.

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Matthew Henson was only twelve when he walked from his home in Washington, During this time Peary found Henson's skills as a mechanic, navigator and.

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Largely ignored for nearly a century, Matthew Henson made big contributions to polar No, Captain Cook's Ship Hasn't Been Found Yet.

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Matthew Henson, an African-American arctic explorer and Matthew ran away at age 11, and soon found work as a cabin boy on a ship.

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By the early s, most of the big “prizes” of discovery exploration had been claimed. The era of the imperialist adventurers was coming to a.

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Matthew Henson, however, received comparatively little recognition for his part in the discovery, even though Peary repeatedly acknowledged Henson's.

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Matthew Henson [1] – Codiscoverer of the North Pole [2] At a Glance Peary did not give Henson much response, and Henson later discovered.