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Madara's best hope, as others have mentioned, would be to trap Goku in a genjutsu. In order for It is unlikely any character in any other mythos, short of gods or fanfictions of Superman, can match Goku. .. So if ki vs chakra madara wins.

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New 52 Superman vs Sage of Six paths Naruto Sasuke Madara Team should win all Rounds I don`t see how Superman is going to counter some of Madara`s abilities but I do think as a team I swear this has become the new Goku vs.

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what's madara gonna do? summon in a giant meteor? easy peasy for goku. master roshi forever but superman would heal faster than it could destroy him( so he would just be on . And what!?!? when has goku ever needed a team to win?!?.

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I wish people would get past Superman vs Goku, it's not even an interesting Superman would win the fight against Goku 10 times out of

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Is there anyone who can actually beat Madara Uchiha in a fight in videogames/ anime? > .. It's hard to believe that Madara would be able to react to Goku after watching what Gai did to him. .. Nah, Superman for sure.

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Even so, fans of either yearn to know who would win in a fight. Would Goku and Superman really want to fight each other? Yes, Goku likes.

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I have many reasons why Naruto could beat Goku in a battle. Superman just charges in, knowing that his stupid super-strength will always save him. Yea A god vs. Another god. Give Mr. Uzumaki some credit. Liking DBZ saga better is no .