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My 96 LS with K has developed an exhaust leak at cold start-up. Once the car is warm it quiets down and sounds perfect. It is coming.

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Whenever I start my car, especially when it is cold outside and the car has been off for over 5 hours, there is a loud sound coming from the engine. After

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A split second after the familiar noise of the engine turning over occurs, You pull out of your driveway; the cold crisp morning air stings your.

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Worn lifters on cold start up may be very noticeable but eventually the ticking goes away after engine warms up and the hydraulic lifter(s) had.

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Lexus LS Engine Problems . I have a '92 LS with about , miles. . Took car home, next cold morning, check again and noise is exactly from.

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This water often exits your exhaust in vapor form but on cold days or short inspection for an exhaust leak if you know what a leak sounds like.