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When fertilization is not complete and seeds are not all well developed, the that produced significantly superior fruit after 30 days of storage (but not after

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Fertilization occurs when one of the sperm cells fuses with the egg inside of an ovule. After fertilization occurs, each ovule develops into a seed.

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A locule (plural locules) or loculus (plural loculi) is a small cavity or compartment within an organ or part of an organism (animal, plant, or fungus). In angiosperms .

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Some plants are self-fertilizing and some plants require fertilization by Since I don't have time to do your home work for you, I will direct you to this site: ovules present in a locule after the fertilization of one of its ovule?.

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locule after fertilization. Share with your friends. 0 Follow0. Komal, added an answer, on 5/8/ The ovule becomes seed after fertilization.

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After the flower is fertilized what happens to the ovary? How many locules does a gumamela flower has? What becomes of the locule after fertilization?.

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In gymnosperms (conifers) and angiosperms (flowering plants), the meeting of the gametes occurs in the following way: male gametes are enclosed in pollen.

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with 1–2 pendulous or ascending, anat- ropous to often campylotropous ( becoming campylotropous after fertilization) ovules in each locule; micropyle zig- zag.