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You can install lighttpd (if it's not already installed), the lighttpd WebDAV module and the apache2-utils package (which contains the tool htpasswd which we will.

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To use webdav easily, you should install Lighttpd since onyl easy package to use webdav(or you can download source and opkg install lighttpd-mod-alias lighttpd-mod-webdav. and, I don't remember I had face the error.

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WebDAV · Summary · CGI Revisited · Chapter CGI Revisited This may include calling our web applications with any conceivable In the face of rewrites and redirects, mod_auth can be called more than once for every request. Now, our /etc/lighttpd/ file needs to contain the username and crypted.

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You can use Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) which is available in Jelastic. NGINX PHP While setting up a website you can face the need to build some complicated method of For that you can use any htpasswd tool or online service (for example,

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Most web server software has support for WebDav, or there are webdav add-ons. It means I don't Using Lighttpd, it works without issues. Http Basic Auth (or Using Apache, it also works with basic or digest auth. I'm basically interested in a replacement for TiddlyFox and not in a "internet facing" setup.

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A seasoned administrator will compile and install a basic Lighttpd in under 15 In the face of rewrites and redirects, mod_auth can be called more than once for every += ("mod_webdav") # activate WebDAV for the server "".

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[mod_auth] add htpasswd -s (SHA1) support if openssl is used (needs openssl for SHA1). This doesn't use changed no longer use for new files with webdav. umask is. honored. .. the virtual directory listing got a face-lifting and fixes.