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Interview: Primus Guitarist Larry LaLonde on 'Green Naugahyde' So obviously you were actively writing this whole time. He was definitely around for the writing of a lot of Frizzle Fry, and some of the songs from Sailing the Seas of So we just had that amp setup with a clean and a dirty channel. Most of.

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Primus bassist Les Claypool and guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde amble into This is a lot thicker record than we've ever made--it's thickerer. “It was mainly hard on Larry, because me and Herb had developed these songs that were pretty full One day I plugged straight into the amp, and it was like, 'Now it's a guitar again!.

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Visit our Wiki to view the full breakdown of what each is for. . If you've got a lot of effects it'd probably be useful to make a . I keep them organised using tags for which guitar, amp, pedal and style. I stole Larry LaLonde's method. "Ler" also tends to have multiple preferred settings on some of his.

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Try to wrap your head around all the weird noises, tones, and sound effects that “ Ler” uses to keep up with Les Claypool.

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I don't have a lot of experience with modeling amps, but my board and amp are marked with "normal" settings of where I want things, and I was listening to Larry LaLonde from Primus's style (he was taught by .. There may be subtle variances in tone, but who is really producing a whole new sound the.

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few Primus songs. I'm a metal head by nature so I know that the amps I GuitarGeek | larry lalonde of primus - older setup. (You must log in.

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"We got much stronger tone for Larry, just from having the time and freedom to By the time Ler gets around to doing his parts, there's not necessarily a lot of space left. LARRY LALONDE: Usually, my role is to try to find what space there is to fill up. CLAYPOOL: Usually, a full performance made it to tape with very little .

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Amps rescued from gardens, Yorkshire-made stunners and hot-rodded I do mess about with it a lot in the set and there are songs where I do use it.” If you mix that with the chorus setting on the whammy, that's the sound in the verses of Play. A Larry LaLonde-esque what-the-hell-is-that? type thing.