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Record - Psychotherapy Supervision: What Lies Beneath . alliance is a critical component of supervision (Ladany, ). .. or breaking supervision process and outcome (Bernard & Goodyear, ; Gill, ; Ladany, ).

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Psychother Res. Mar;14(1) doi: /ptr/kph Psychotherapy supervision: What lies beneath. Ladany N(1). Author information: (1)a Lehigh.

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Encke, J. () 'Breaking the box: Supervision-a challenge to free ourselves.', in . 1/4 Ladany, N. () 'Psychotherapy Supervision: What Lies Beneath'.

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cross-cultural counseling supervision and the support of cross-cultural counseling competencies for . Ladany recognized that the SWA is usually developed within . profession to action, to break free of “cultural encapsulation” and competently address the issues of .. Psychotherapy supervision: What lies beneath.

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The supervisory alliance between psychology trainee and clinical supervisor plays an important .. According to Ladany (), it is imperative that good supervisors pay psychologists and break down of ability to supervise others as trainees someday move into the . Psychotherapy supervision: What lies beneath?.

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Psychotherapy Supervision: What Lies Beneath. Type: Article; Author(s): N. Ladany; Date: 01/03/; Volume: 14; Issue: 1; Page start: 1; Page end: 19; Check.