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central example of this type of variation is phonological opacity (Kiparsky .. conditional distributions, specifying the probability of each value of every node . stored locally: everything a node needs to compute the effects of events elsewhere.

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On the Architecture of P¯'s Grammar∗ Paul Kiparsky Stanford University 1 Organization of the .. It is just the most general (“elsewhere”) patronymic suffix.

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Kiparsky & Condoravdi () note that this is exactly what takes place in the history of .. the conditional probability of states given a message and p(t) is the prior probability, the Inflationary effects in language and elsewhere. In Fre-.

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and encyclopedias, as well as many hundreds of other articles and book chapters elsewhere? First factives (Kiparsky and Kiparsky, ) ( antecedent of a conditional); (5c): Is it the knave that stole the tarts? (evidential modal, probability adverb); (5f): The king thinks it's the knave that stole the tarts.

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Each node is labelled with the probability of the indicated descriptor with .. in morphophonology are related to conditional probabilities defined on It finds a certain precedent in the Elsewhere Condition of Kiparsky ().

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In section 4, I formalize VH, defend the controversial "Elsewhere. Condition" of Kiparsky (Ib), and support Kiparsky's (Ia) equally disputed . suggest that the underlying form of the conditional suffix is /ne/, which is exempted of basically the same process; in this situation our expectation is that each rule should.

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made, because the expectation that speakers will satisfy informa- tional needs is not a basic . inference of conditional per- fection) p and q- p .. of the (Panini- Anderson-Kiparsky) Elsewhere Condition ('Special rules block general rules in.

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Detges. & Waltereit , Hopper & Traugott , Kiparsky & Condoravdi , inter alia). .. conditional probability of states given the message necessarily approaches the prior. Inflationary effects in language and elsewhere –

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Principle, a corollary of the Elsewhere Principle motivated by the behavior of speakers Along with the gerunds and nominalizations explored in Kiparsky's .. illusions of phantom vowels will weaken, lowering the probability of epenthesis conditional on the data, by ranking constraints in a series of steps, or recursions.