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Drum Reference Of Karen Language Database. English: Karen: Virtual Karen Keyboard. By using this web site, you agree to Drum's Terms of Usage, which.

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Us______. Learn To Speak Karen 2. Question Words play, Does anyone here speak English? pwā teh eh ga lëe glọh bà òh ahh. ySRwJtJuvH;echographapp.com{gI.

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The Sgaw Karen - English MP3 Audio of Lesson 01 - 05 of 35 from the book, " Easy English, Burmese and Sgaw Karen Speaking" by Adam H.

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the resources below and then finding a Karen person to practice speaking with. The booklet includes 14 sections with the English, transliteration, and Karen.

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Fun, fast ways for English Speakers to effectively learn and memorise vocabulary . Unlock your language learning superpowers today with Memrise!.

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Speak English for Us, Marisol! has 23 ratings and 11 reviews. Katherine said: This story is about a fictional girl, Marisol, who is trying to rush back t.