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For Dinosaur King on the DS, Fossil Location Guide by JGPJR Edmontonia | 4 | Defense | | Orange | | Nodosaurus | 3 | Crisis | | Orange | | Gojirasaurus | 1 | Blitz . Isisaurus: None: Giant statue parts quest.

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For Dinosaur King on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Dinosaurs Locations(SPOILER for new players)" - Page 2. Isisaurus:Statue quest reward, Europe, Post-Story Nodosaurus: North America.

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Many games. To get Isisaurus you must complete dinosaur statue Quest. There are three parts. After you collected.., Dinosaur King Nintendo DS.

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General Statistics Name: Isisaurus colberti, Name Meaning: ISI (Indian Attribute: Water; Other: There is only one Isisaurus fossil in the DS Game. it is one of the only three dinosaurs in Dinosaur King representing a second species of its.

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Dinosaur King Action Replay Codes. Also see Cheats for more help on Dinosaur King. get every dinosaur you want (USA version) (DS) North America.

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Dinosaur King is an Arcade game,A Ds game as well as an anime. .. Spiny/ Spinosaurus,Isisaurus,Ampelosaurus. Droid 7[c] Dinosaur:Edmontonia,Nodosaurus Attribute:Earth,Earth Level,38 .