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Exchange and Exchange - General Discussion I'd like to check database integrity in Exchange Standard [ + SP2 + patches ] databases. How long does it take to complete [ how many GBytes per Hour? ].

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Before we start using ESEUTIL and ISINTEG ensure the following: ESEUTIL is a tool to defragment your exchange databases offline, to check their integrity and to repair a damaged/lost database. You can check the integrity of your Exchange database with ESEUTIL /G.

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Published: Jul 03, ; Category: General; Votes: out of 5 - 21 Votes Eseutil and Isinteg are two neat little tools used to defragment and repair Exchange.

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An Exchange administrator deletes the current mailbox and creates a new awaited by many Exchange administrators for a quite long time.

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I have recently repaired an 80GB exchange mailbox database. run a eseutil defrag. i am now up to the stage of doing the isinteg -s.

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Note: The following information is based on Exchange SP1 Beta and subject to As of Exchange the well-known IsInteg tool was dropped. Limiting Exchange Database CacheIn "Exchange ".

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About how long does it take to run ISInteg or ESEutil. Below is some of the good Oz Ozugurlu. Posted by Oz Casey, Dedeal at Thursday, April 26,

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As long as at least one maintenance task has completed, Exchange dedicates the Isinteg and Eseutil work the same in Exchange and Exchange

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You use the Information Store Integrity Checker (ISInteg) command to verify that the database has all the correct inner connections — that tables refer to each.